Studio work

In addition to client projects, we’ve been using the studio as a space to develop, build, and showcase our own work.

With frequent open-studio nights and monthly receptions, S+7 has been showing large scale interactive work, photography, and sculpture.

Image by Kristin Capp

Flurry, an example

The first in a series of pieces that use the view from the studio as a living input, Flurry tracks all movement out on 26th Street, then draws only what moves. The output, though machine-created, feels strangely hand made, as it emerges in unison with the action outside, projected onto a large screen.

The piece algorithmically creates a real-time soundtrack based on the quantity and location of the movement it finds. Flurry acts as a threshold between the inside and outside, a mechanized camera obscura, sketching wildly away as the world unfurls down below.