After studies at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Daniel created a course called Giant Stories Tiny Screens. This graduate level class on creating video-based content for emerging platforms was offered at ITP for several semesters.

Each spring for the last three years,  Daniel has taught a condensed version of Giant Stories Tiny Screens in Bergen, Norway, at the Bergen Arkitekthøgskole. This weeklong workshop was called “a crash course in how to see” by the school’s faculty.

lunch lecture posters
Third annual school-wide lecture

This latest version of that curriculum is based on daily challenges around visual thinking. It’s designed to spur new takes on students’ own thesis level projects, using constraints and inspirations to push their work forward.

Fieldwork in the fjords

Daniel delivers keynote talks and teaches workshops internationally. Past engagements have included the Google Creative Lab, Panasonic, The New York Botanical Garden, New York University, The New York Hall of Science, and The Guggenheim Museum.