Vine Symphony

As an early-and-often participant in the social video sharing app, Vine, S+7 founder Daniel Liss became very interested in not only what people post in their tiny six second clips, but how they bounce ideas off of each other—how their work inspires and pushes other artists further.

Vine Symphony is a curated collection of 36 short videos, culled from the app, and sequenced and layered into six discrete movements. It’s built as an application that grabs these short loops and allows their mixing in real time, creating a live performance from the disparate sources.

Sound elements, visual surges, and brief stories approach and recede as the clips ricochet off one another.

This piece was first performed at BRIC Arts Media in Brooklyn in May, 2014, and includes video by: Abr_a, .bb, Chris Marie, DeathSmoKe, dentists_apprentice, fariba—, frederic beehup, frino thajino, HighKrausen, Inkyviolet, Intao, j-a-c-k-i-e, j_e_s_s, John Bergin, MacKenzie Greer, Marina, Mermaid Hawley, Mr. Mase, Netzbrett, Olas Nick, pouringdown, Rottenapplebug, sam renseiw, Semanticnoise, Super8 mm, Tee Ken Ng, Tom Shea, Vie and Vi, zaristides, and xavieralopez.

Vine Symphony was later used, as a participatory project, with educators at Jacob Burns Film Center—and was introduced and performed by Daniel during his keynote address.